Decorative Window Film

Depending on the sort of EVA Decorative window film you select, you will reap a slew of benefits for your home. Decorative Window tint film can be a great way to add style and energy to a room. EVA professional Window Tint Film offers an easy way to add a pop of color and privacy to any room. They even come in a range of designs and colors, enabling you to be as bold—or as subtle—as you want.EVA high-quality Decorative Window film stained glass has a durable, clear, and static-free surface that can be easily applied to windows. Our Tint Film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and this will be the perfect choice for the homeowner looking for a quality product.

Decorative films

Easily update your decor with decorative films that range from classic to contemporary and go with any style.

Product Details

Need 100% privacy? Our Black Out by EVAPRO blocks all light transmission for privacy or just for decoration. Works in office buildings, restaurants, or retails outlets.

White Matte2Mil5%10-20%99%Frost
Black Out2Mil0%10-20%99%Black Out
White Out2Mil0%10-20%99%White Out
Mini Blind2Mil0%10-20%99%Mini Blind
2Mil5%10-20%99%Mini Blind

Decolite Decorative Window Film

Product Details

Get the distinctive look of etched glass without the cost. Decorative film comes in a range of styles and patterns to complement any look. Customize your windows with numerous style options cut to any size your need. Keep natural light while enjoying your unique look. The film blocks up to 98% of damaging UV rays.

Be more comfortable and get rid of pesky glare in your home.

Film also provides an extra layer of protection in case of accidental breakage to reduce shattering and enhances the appearance of sliding glass doors.

Manufacturer’s warranty included!

Frost matte

Increase privacy while updating your decor with frost matte by EVAPRO. The removable film provides the look and feel of etched glass for a fraction of the cost.

Sample applications include:

Office buildings, bathrooms, restaurants, glass doors, retail outlets, and any other space where glass opacity is important.

Moreover, frosted glass lets in natural light while maintaining the privacy and is ideal for conference rooms. Also works great for custom logos and designs!

View Control

View Control decorative films is an ideal solution that provides decoration and privacy.

Use it to highlight an object or hide another object.

Provide different levels of privacy depending on view angle.

Looks like etched glass for a fraction of the cost.

Up to 100% light transmission blockage is possible–pick the level of opacity that works for you!

Create visual effects that gets more opaque depending on the view angle

Common applications: Glass conference rooms, partition walls, showrooms, museums, retail spaces

White Out Decorative Window Film

Product Details

White out by EVAPRO decorative films are ideal to create privacy or separate spaces.

Ideal for design applications in:

Glass doors

Retail environments



Office buildings


Save Energy & Lower Utilities

Window film captures and reflects up to 86 percent of the sun’s heat, lowering the air conditioning and heating bills significantly in the summer and winter.

Reduce Glare

Reduce the need for artificial lighting in your home by letting more natural light in, and improve the brightness on your TV and device displays by minimising glare.

Accent Your Home’s Look

Installing reflective, solar control or decorative window film will increase privacy and enhance your home’s appearance.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Eva residential films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America. Ask your dealer for details.

Increase Comfort In Your Home

You can track the temperature differential between sunny and darkened areas of your home with EVA best window tint film, and enjoy a more comfortable living environment all year..

UV Protection For Your Family

Residential window film will block out up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Though shielding you and your mates, your furnishings will not disappear.

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