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EVA Window Film

Eva Professional Window Film

Your vehicle windows are portended with Eva Professional Automotive Window Film.

After installation, there will be bubbles in your film. This is temporary and caused by the moisture used in applying the film. After the moisture dries, the bubbles will disappear. DO NOT roll your windows down until the film is dry. We advise you do not clean your windows with anything that has ammonia in it. The blue Windex does have ammonia. Using clear cleaning solutions is best. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents, harsh cleaning chemicals or any type of brushes as these will scratch your film and that is not covered in your warranty.


Eva Professional Film and the Authorized Automotive Window Film Dealer warrant that as long as you own your vehicle,

Eva Professional Window Film:

1. Will not crack.

2. Glue will not blister, bubble or separate from the glass.

3. Will never change color with proper care and cleaning.

If the product is found to be defective under this warranty, Eva Professional Film will replace the quantity of film found to be defective. Eva Professional Film will also provide reapplication of labor free or labor free of charge. This warranty is given only to the original owner and is non-transferable.

This warranty card must be presented along with your original invoice to the original Eva Professional Film dealer. This warranty covers Eva Professional Automotive Window Film only. Eva Professional Film reserves the right to test any film under warranty.

This warranty is VOID if the product HAS BEEN ABUSED OR IMPROPER CARE. The seller’s only obligation is to replace defective film as described above. Seller is NOT LIABLE IN EITHER TORT OR CONTRACT FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, direct, indirect, special, or incidental caused by the use or inability to use this product.

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