Residential and Commercial

Residential and Commercial Architectural Window Tint Film

Residential and Commercial window tint film dealers all over the world rely on EVA architectural window films. EVA produces an exterior window film that can satisfy your needs, whether it’s managing harsh lighting, providing a protected space for a commercial building’s property and inhabitants, or lowering heating and cooling costs and reducing environmental effects.¬†Window tinting is an often overlooked, but incredibly effective way to add value to your home. House windows are responsible for about 40% of the energy loss in a home, and by adding a quality window tint film to that glass, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.

Commercial and Residential Films

Architectural window film helps people to save energy, reduce the brightness of reflection, and improve safety. Eva Professional commercial and residential window tint films are made using high-performance resin with polyester film in order to achieve a high heat rejection rate and energy-saving effect.

SILVER FILMItemThicknessVLTIR CutUV CutColor
S-Green2-3Mil5%60-90%99%Silver & Green
S-Blue2-3Mil15%60-90%99%Silver & Blue
S-Gold2-3Mil35%60-90%99%Silver & Gold
S-Red2-3Mil50%60-9099%Silver & Red
S-Brown2-3Mil5%60-9099%Silver & Brown


Decorative Film

Our decorative window film uses a variety of classic designs and textured surfaces to construct sophisticated interior glass surfaces. To create special meeting spaces in the workplace, add privacy film to conference room windows.

Solar Control

Are you looking for a place to relax? Is it possible to conserve energy? Features that are ideal for you? The sun’s UV rays are reflected and absorbed by commercial window film, shielding visitors and staff from damaging light while minimizing heat gain in the house.

Building Safety & Security

EVA Exterior window films are designed to shield window and storefront glass from natural hazards, graffiti, illegal activity, and fires, reducing the risk of injuries, facility destruction, or asset loss.

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